Seadan Security & Electronics

Seadan Security together in partnership with Uniview have joined forces in the combat against humanity’s common enemy – COVID-19.

Seadan will shortly have multiple units of a highly sophisticated thermal camera solution manufactured by Uniview which accurately detects a person’s body temperature from a distance of 2.5 – 3.5 metres via a thermal infrared camera. When asked further about the system, Edward Manyan, Seadan Product Manager – Sales and Deployment states,

“The entire solution is made up of three parts, being the thermal camera, the ‘black box” and the system’s computer and software.

Through the 384 X 288 pixel resolution, the thermal camera not only detects but also maps thermal data from a person situated 2.5 – 3.5 metres away. The camera minimises false alarms as it has the ability to detect variables in temperature, such as a person holding a cup of coffee or the increase in temperature detected when wearing a face mask.

The second part is the Black Box which needs to be situated 1.5 – 3.0 metres from the thermal infrared camera and in full view of the approaching person. The Black Box is essentially used as a temperature reference or a baseline for the camera, allowing accurate readings.

Finally, the computer and software’s job is to process the thermal imagery and provide alerts when an approaching person’s temperature is outside the normal range. Whilst countries all around the world are in a race to find a cure, the best thing we can do at Seadan is help by providing the technology available to help minimising the spread of infection.”

For a working sample of the solution, contact one of the Seadan or Sprint stores nationally or Edward Manyan – or 03 8513  7700.